Ski-Doo Citibank Financing - 07-16-BRP-US - 3.99% OR 10.99% OR 11.5% - MY2014-2017

Ski-Doo Citibank Financing - 07-16-BRP-US - 3.99% OR 10.99% OR 11.5% - MY2014-2017

End Date: 4/30/2017


Units must be in dealer's inventory at time of sale.

BRP maintains the right to charge back all costs of financing should a retail promotion and a financing offer be selected when the 2 cannot be combined (as defined in the retail program).

Units purchased for promotions such as giveaways, PR Demo units, and inventory sold for Commercial are eligible for the non-promotional financing. Additional conditions may apply.


Genuine BRP parts and accessories can be financed at 100% of MSRP when purchased at the same time as the vehicle.

The dealership is ultimately responsible for securing Citibank, N.A. as the lienholder for each unit financed. Copies of title applications and MCOs for each unit listed on a bill of sale are required for funding. Failure to provide such documents may result in funding delays. Approval, and any rates and terms provided, are based on credit worthiness.

All trailers financed are required to be titled under applicable state law, with Citibank N.A. as first lienholder.


Credit qualifications and Financing Offer Responsibility:  The financing offer described in this Sales Bulletin is subject to standard credit qualifications and acceptance of customers by Citibank N.A. The financing offer that has been provided in this Sales Bulletin is the responsibility of Citibank N.A., and it accurately reflects the details of this specific special financing offer. Neither BRP US Inc. nor its affiliates shall be held responsible for this financing offer or any upcoming changes from Citibank N.A. as they relate to this offer. How you use this information in any consumer advertisement promoting this special finance offer is your responsibility. We recommend you consult with your own legal counsel to ensure any applicable advertisement is in compliance with local and federal guidelines and laws. This offer is subject to the terms of the dealer agreement between Citibank N.A. and the dealership, and to the terms of any agreement between Citibank N.A. and BRP US Inc. In case of inconsistency, the terms of those agreements will prevail.