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For over 50 years Vickery Motorsports has been owned, operated and staffed by riders and racers. The Vickery family have been active in powersports both as competitors and sponsors, and they continue to be active in a recreational capacity. Bill Vickery's technical experience as an engine builder has proven the value in attention to detail. Bill's passion for perfection ensures that our customers will have a good experience with every machine we sell. Your new bike will be right when it leaves the shop.

Vickery Motorsports is staffed by riders. Easily 90% of our employees are actively involved in some aspect of powersports, either as recreational riders or as racers.

Our staff is involved in the entire spectrum of powersports. We ride dirt bikes, sport bikes, ATVs, personal watercraft, touring bikes, snowmobiles, and cruisers. When it comes to riding, whether it's for competition or recreation - doesn't matter to us. What is important is we ride, and our enthusiasm in the sport reflects in the way we treat you, our fellow rider. 

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